Monday, November 19, 2007

Idaho Youth Conservation Corps?

Well it looks like the summer is officially coming to an end. I see snow up on the hill today, so we will be skiing Bogus soon!

We've had a busy summer around here. From trap shooting with the Paralyzed Vets of America, a 35 mile hike through the Sawtooth’s to attending the Western Legislative Academy and everything in between, I've kept very busy in better understanding the needs and priorities of the folks in our district and our state.

Yesterday we had a meeting with Education Sup. Luna's Chief of Staff regarding the potential of doing a pilot program for an Idaho Youth Conservation Corp. I believe it might be an excellent tool for our educators and local counties to help at risk kids find some work during the summer that would also dovetail into the classroom for them. Programs such as this have really shown good results in helping kids that might be "at risk" or kids in more rural areas to find interests in resource conservation within their own areas.

Having an opportunity to work on projects with Fish and Game, the Forest Service or BLM in our rural areas can show kids that there are jobs and needs within their areas that they can strive for. Provides them hands on experience of the math and sciences they now are studying in school.

Doing studies on game or fish, plants or watersheds while in high school have shown benefit for both the student and the organization that has the project that needs completed. We have projects and the Dept. of Education has a requirement for a Senior Project starting in 2012… we will see if this seed will sprout into something of benefit to all.

Your thoughts?